You are reading: Native Garden Makeover Series – Episode 3: How to establish a native garden

Welcome to episode three of our Native Garden Makeover Series. In this episode, David Lullfitz offers his tips for getting the most success when planting native plants, establishing them and looking after them for the first year.

Our top tips for establishing your native garden:

  • Use slow-release, native specific fertilisers when planting.
  • Use a good quality mulch to help insulate and protect native plants.
  • When mulching, don’t put it too close to the stem as this can cause stem rot.
  • For Perth’s sandy soil, it’s also a good idea to use soil wetter to help the soil absorb water better.
  • Give new plants a good drink with at least 1L of water to give the plant the best chance of establishing and thriving.

You can browse our full range of native plants online here. We hand deliver in the Perth metro area.

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