You are reading: Native Garden Makeover Series – Episode 4: Planting with kids

Welcome to episode four of our Native Garden Makeover Series. In this episode, Mick Davis gets the kids involved in the planting. Gardening is a great way to get kids outside and learning!

Mick’s top tips for getting started with planting your natives:

  • Scrape the mulch back to ensure you are planting in the soil.
  • Dig a hole that is big enough for the plants, keeping the soil you dig out of the hole to the side for later on.
  • Add a native plant fertiliser to the hole and dig it into the soil for the roots to ‘chase’ the fertiliser once planted.
  • Place the plants into the hole and then replace some of the soil around the roots of the new plant.
  • Push the soil into the roots, nice and firmly.
  • Cover back up with mulch, but not too close to the plant as this can cause stems to rot.
  • Give your new plants a good drink!

You can browse our full range of native plants online here. We hand deliver in the Perth metro area.

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