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Winter. For most gardeners it’s the time where the garden looks gloomy and the focus is on maintenance… but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Winter is the ideal time to put new plants into the ground and make the most of the natural rainfall and cool weather that helps plants to thrive and establish before summer. Contrary to belief, you can still have a colourful winter garden full of Australian natives, you just need to know which ones to plant.

Perth is blessed with some of the mildest winter weather in Australia so there are always many perfect days to get out into the garden and enjoy the sunshine. To help inspire your winter gardening, here is our top 10 native plants that are perfect for adding colour to your garden this winter.

Qualup Bells (Pimelea physodes)

Our beloved Qualup bells are on the top of our list of winter flowerers, and should be on the top of yours! These stunning, grafted plants are one of our specialties and we are one of the only nurseries that grow them in the whole of Australia. Grafted to ensure performance and vigour in the garden, the Qualup Bell produces spectacular displays of large, pendant flowers during winter to late spring and will be a unique feature in your garden.

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Firewood Banksia (Banksia menziesii)

Banksia menziesii has some of the brightest flowers of the species! Growing to a small tree it produces large pink/red cone flowers during late autumn to winter. It is a perfect feature tree for gardens and is great at attracting nectar eating birds and pollinators to your garden.

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Common Smokebush (Conospermum stoechadis)

Conospermum stoechadis or Common Smokebush is a stunning shrub that grows to 1m high and whose flowers resemble drifting smoke. It has bright green foliage which is contrasted by the soft white flowers it produces during winter to spring.  It’s a great native plant for any garden as it is able to be grown in a pot in smaller backyards.

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Green Sea Spray (Grevillea preissii  ‘Green Seaspray’ PBR)

A low growing, hardy groundcover that produces small red flowers during winter and spring, contrasting with its soft grey foliage. This Grevillea is perfect for coastal gardens, pots and is great at attracting nectar eating birds to your garden. It ticks all the boxes and is great for adding a splash of colour to any winter garden.

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Mandy’s Surprise (Kunzea baxteri DWARF ‘Mandy’s Surprise’ PBR)

A dwarf growing form of Kunzea baxteri, Mandy’s Surprise is a naturally small and compact shrub growing to 1m high and wide. A great choice for any garden due to its tolerance of many soil types. It produces bright red bottlebrush like flowers that cover the plant from late winter to spring, it’s another great choice for adding colour to any winter garden.

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Cockies Tongues (Templetonia retusa)  

Named from their unique flower shape, Templetonia retusa produces deep red flowers during winter and early spring, followed by seed pods. It is tolerant of a wide range of soils including coastal conditions, perfect for low maintenance gardens. The flowers and seed pods can be used as bush tucker, making it not only perfect at adding colour but also appeals to the more adventurous eating gardener.

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Silver Princess (Eucalyptus caesia ‘Silver Princess’)

A beautiful weeping form of the Eucalyptus caesia, the Silver Princes is a highly ornamental tree with powdery blue foliage and stunning deep pink flowers. Tolerant of most garden conditions including coastal, it’s the perfect feature tree to add to a garden of any size, growing to 8m high and 4m wide. This is a great native tree for birds as the flowers have a sweet nectar that attracts birds and bees.

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Red and Green Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos manglesii)

The Red and Green Kangaroo Paw is one of our favourite plants, and it’s the flora emblem of Western Australia! A spectacular strappy grass that that produces bright red and green contrasting flowers on tall stems of up to 1m in height during winter and spring. A great plant for group plantings, containers and native gardens and makes a stunning cut flower if you need colour inside.

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Spring Mist (Eremophila nivea ‘Spring Mist’)

An attractive shrub with beautiful soft grey/silvery foliage. It produces masses of dainty tubular mauve flowers in late winter to spring. Eremophila nivea only naturally occurs in a small part of WA and considered endangered in its natural habitat. It is a stunning plant to have in your garden, growing to a height of 1.5m making it excellent as a low hedge and as a feature plant.

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Pink Sunray Everlastings (Rhodanthe manglesii)

If you want bright colours in your garden through winter then Everlastings are the plant for you. These stunning annuals flower throughout winter and spring and are perfect for mass plantings and decorative pots, growing to only 50cm high. Their flowers are a popular cut flower and last a long time when dried, making them perfect for decorating your garden and house.

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