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When choosing plants for a landscaping project, it can be difficult to see how the way we care for our small patch impacts the wider world. But a beautiful home garden designed with Australian native plants doesn’t just look good.

The right plants for a home garden can make it a haven for native birds, animals and pollinators. The right garden design can even reduce your bills. It’s important to consider which kind of plants will look best AND work best for the environment.

Opting for plants suited to a particular region means they will last longer, take root faster and require less maintenance.

Forget what you think Australian plants look like; native plants are available in an array of colours, flowers and foliage types to achieve a stylish native garden design that will make the neighbours green with envy.

Nativ by Plantrite specialises in improved forms of native plants, meaning more options for the beautiful native landscaping. In the planning phase we can advise landscaping designers on the right plants for climate conditions, common soil types and pleasing aspects such as colours and flowering types. 

But even before planning begins, it helps to identify your aims and to find an overall vision for your garden – one that will continue to inspire you and evolve over time. Think how you’d like to use the garden (e.g. patio entertaining, reading in nooks of quietude, a spot for the spa) and select the plants accordingly. Get inspired by following us on Instagram, or adding gardens and plants you love to Pinterest. 

Keep in mind your lifestyle may change, and your garden can too. Think about how much entertaining your garden will play a part in, if kids might be in the plan, and how pets such as cats and dogs might use the area. 

Also, while we love and specialise only in native plants, there’s no reason that you can’t mix our natives with a few interstate or exotic plants, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different varieties. 

Select the right plant for the right spot. 

You can determine soil specifics with home soil test kits from Bunnings and other good retail nurseries. In many areas of Perth our soils are sandy and water-repellent, but a bit of compost or other organic matter can vastly improve plant resilience. Think about what aspects of your garden get how much sunlight through the seasons, and how high or wide a plant will grow as it matures. When you order native plants online through the Native website, you can use filtering on the left side of the product page to ensure you’re getting the right product for you. 

Sometimes less is more. 

A good tip for achieving great native plant garden design is to plant more of each variety. Think of a flower bouquet; an abundance of a few types looks beautiful, whereas a flower arrangement with ‘everything’ usually looks messy.  A sensible mix of a few species gives your garden a sense of greater continuity, and makes caring for plants easier when it comes to watering, weeding and fertilising. 

Watering native plants.

Group water-demanding plants together to avoid wasting water on plants that don’t require as much (and may not like it). It’s a myth that all native plants don’t require much water. Check the label on the plants you purchase or head to our website to ensure your reticulation set-up or watering habits are correct. 

Incorporate different plant varieties.

Native WA plants can give you flowers throughout the year – see our article on creating a colour native garden. Think variety in height: ground cover, flowers, grasses, shrubs, and small or large trees. Depending on the direction your home garden faces (therefore, how much sun it gets) growing a tree canopy might be right for visual impact. The Nativ website offers a wide selection of small native trees available to order online

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