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Creating a garden with Australian plants pushes the traditional boundaries of our four seasons.  There is a misconception that Australian native plants only flower in spring, remaining dormant for much of the year There are thousands of plant varieties in flower on any one day through the year. Native flora is an integral part of the broader ecosystem and environment, supporting endemic fauna and habitats.

This is also important for the Nativ by Plantrite team, who have dedicated their horticultural careers to selecting Australian plant varieties that flower at different times. These varieties are also available for the home gardener. WE can have it both ways – with careful plant selection, colour all year round and a healthy local environment and habitat.

Nativ by Plantrite is the signature range of selected varieties that are suited for low maintenance and waterwise home gardens. These varieties are tried and tested by the team, commercial growers and have a proven track record of performance in the garden environment. We’re proud to say that WA has some of the most spectacular and colourful flowering plants.

How can I achieve a native garden that flowers all year?

Mix them up and use them to create maximum impact. Look at the Noongar Six Seasons calendar for inspiration because many of the Western Australian species in the Nativ by Plantrite range are more closely aligned to this calendar. In August it seems spring has sprung early as many WA species are in full flower, when these species flower naturally in the Noongar Djilba season – known as the Season of Conception. By choosing a mix of plants that bloom through each season when designing your garden, there will be different species in flower at any one time. Small spaces, balconies, or shaded areas, don’t worry the Nativ selection includes ground covers, climbers, small/medium/large shrubs and native trees for a kaleidoscope of colours and a range of growing situations.


Why create your own kaleidoscope of colour?

Small acts combined have a large impact, and even a few local species in a garden will support the broader environment, increasing biodiversity and supporting habitats for the future… Choosing native plants ensures we’re attracting and supporting native birds, bees, and other beneficial pollinators all year round. That’s good for your veggie patch too!


If you’re interested in seasonal planting? Get a better understanding of the region’s climate by looking to the Noongar Six Seasons.



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