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Celebrating the seasons is important for our team. We work with plants all day, propagating, potting, fertilising, weeding, and selecting the highest quality plants for your garden.

As the seasons change, we celebrate the varieties that have started to shine. It’s the excitement of the first flower appearing, or looking over the nursery to see a carpet of colour that inspires us to keep growing a selected range of quality Australian plants, which look incredible at different times of the year.

This excitement never dulls, even through summer. We are guaranteed of a flower from one of the varieties we grow every day of the year. We have picked our Top 10 summer flowering native plants so you can create some excitement in your own garden, courtyard, or balcony.

To make it to the top 10 list, the varieties must –

Flower through the hottest part of the year

Have a unique feature that sets them apart from other varieties

Be water wise

Tolerate Western Australian conditions

Be almost bombproof, thriving in most situations 

Our Top 10 Summer Flowering Favourites

Summer Flowering Kangaroo Paws (Anigozanthos flavidus, pink, red, yellow, and green)

Kangaroo Paws are the standout colour for summer. These hardy herbaceous perennials demand attention at this time of the year. Glossy green foliage always looks great either in garden beds or in pots. Spikes of flowers stand tall and are a favourite with the local Honeyeater population. One of the top three choices to attract birds to the garden.

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Summer Flame (Beaufortia aestiva Summer Flame)

The Summer Flame is the unassuming cousin of the plant world. It sits there minding its own business and then – BAM! The colour hits you, overnight it’s covered with bright red flowers. The contrast of dark green foliage and red flowers makes it look even better. Only growing to 1m high, it deserves a position in any garden, preferably front and centre.

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Cate’s Orange Everlasting Daisy (Chrysocephalum apiculatum)

The Cate’s Orange is a grey leaf ground covering plant to 1m wide. Thriving in full hot sun the Chrysocephalum will perform if planted in a garden bed situation or large planter. Both yellow and orange cultivars are available and look stunning planted in groups or cascading in large pots, multi planted with Verticordia densiflora and Kangaroo Paws.

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Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia)

The Red Flowering Gum comes to life in summer. Even though the common name for this spectacular small gum refers to red, the Corymbia ficifolia flowers in any shade from soft pink, salmon, orange, and blood red. These trees are now grafted, which has the advantage of guaranteed colour, masses of flowers and able to grow in almost any soil conditions. They will also flower and perform in large, oversized pots, creating a show stopping specimen for a sunny courtyard or balcony. It certainly adds another dimension to the plea for ‘More Trees Please’.

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Snake Vine (Hemiandra pungens purple and alba)

The Snake Vine is an extremely low ground cover to 5cm high and reaching widths of up to 3m. Perfect as a lawn substitute where there is no foot traffic and is idea for verges. Massed with colour in summer with either purple or white flowers, depending upon variety. Foliage is prickly so it’s an ideal groundcover to discourage dogs or foot traffic over garden beds.

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Free-Flowering Lechenaultia (Lechenaultia floribunda)

Free Flowering Lechenaultia is a small shrub with fine foliage and masses of delicate flowers. The plant is far from delicate and will grow in many different soil conditions in a sunny position. Perfectly suited to massed planting or multi planting, this unassuming shrub is a delight for any native or water wise cottage garden.

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Chenille Honey Myrtle (Melaleuca huegelii prostrate)

The Chenille Honey Myrtle is a standout shrub throughout summer. Masses of white bottle brush flowers in summer, with contrasting pink toned buds ensures this hardy shrub is one of our favourites. The prostrate variety is perfect for coastal gardens cascading over retaining walls, while thriving in exposed conditions. Reaching a height of only 20cm its ideal for verge gardens or large planter boxes.

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Sturt’s Desert Peas (Swainsona formosa)

Sturt’s Desert Peas love the heat and are an ideal choice for annual colour. Bring on the red and black colour theme through summer and embrace our local annuals. We love the contrasting grey green, slightly hairy foliage against the clear red and shiny black eye of the flower. Perfect for the hottest position in the garden. One plant will cover at least 1m² and produce hundreds of flowers through summer and autumn.

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Compacted Featherflower (Verticordia densiflora)

The Compacted Featherflower is an open small shrub to 1m high x 1m wide. Masses of pink flowers with fine foliage. Flowers will dry and hold their colour after picking, perfect for dry flower arrangements. Will tolerate a part shaded position and all soil types except limestone. If planting in a garden bed multi plant in groups of three, the Plantrite team guarantee you’ll love the effect.

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Morrison Featherflower (Verticordia nitens)

The Morrison Featherflower is one of our favourite feather flower varieties. Bursting into colour when the WA Christmas Tree is in full flower, with similar orange tones it’s hard to miss. A small shrub that develops taller flowering spikes, it’s ideally suited to a mixed native garden or in large pots planted with Kangaroo Paws, Beaufortia and Chrysocephalum.

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The opportunities for summer colour are endless, start with our top 10 and your summer garden will be full of colour.

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