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A huge number of our ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees are pollinated by our friends, the bees! With over 1,700 species of native bees, it’s no wonder that they play such a huge part in our lives, supporting biodiversity by pollinating our plants and helping to make the food that we eat.

Western Australia is home to 10 out of the 11 major native bee groups making it even more important to make them feel at home by planting as many bee friendly plants in our gardens as possible!

All bees (including our natives) are attracted the most to flowers that are blue, purple, white, violet and yellow in colour, preferring flowers that are tubular or bell shaped. It is important to have a variety of species that flower throughout the year and not just in spring, giving bee’s access to pollen year round. Here are our top picks of plants to make your garden more un-bee-lievable!

Our Top Bee Attracting Plants! 


Brachyscome multifida Radiant Magenta

Our top pick for bees are our Brachyscome species! These charming flowers come in a range of colours,

with our favourites being the Brachyscome iberidifolia. They generally grow to around 30cm high making them great for pots, mass planting and perfect for pollinators.


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Callistemon sp. Little John

Even though these plants aren’t a favourite colour of bees, the flowers on the Callistemon make up for it! These species come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, thriving in a full sun spot. You can be guaranteed to have bee’s buzzing around the bottlebrush flowers during spring and summer.


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Lawrencella rosea

Everlastings are a great choice as a winter flowering plant. These come in a wide range of colours from white to yellow and pink to purple they grow to around 30cm making them perfect for pots! We only grow these once a year so look out for them in early winter to get your hands on some.


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Grevillea petrophiloides

Grevilleas are perfect for attracting pollinators! They produce masses of flowers full of pollen that bees love. Grevilleas can range from a small shrub up to 3m high and with different flower colours to choose from there will be a species that you will love!


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Melaleuca radula

Melaleucas or Honey myrtles are great at getting bees to your garden! Their fluffy flowers make it easy for bees to access the pollen and the range of colours in the flowers make them easy to fit into any garden!


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Westringia sp. Jervis Gem

Westringias are a fantastic choice for any garden! Not only are they hardy and tolerant of many positions – they are also great at attracting bees. Their flowers come in a variety of colours depending on the species chosen, ranging from white to purple.


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Of course it’s not just flowers that can make your garden a paradise for bees, you can also invest or make a bee hotel for social bees or create homes for solitary bees by drilling into dead trees, fallen logs and fence posts. No matter what you decide on in making your garden more bee friendly, know that any change is helping our native bees to thrive!

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