You are reading: Native Garden Makeover Series – Episode 6: Planting to attract bees

Welcome to episode six of our Native Garden Makeover Series. In this episode, Mick Davis explains how you can establish a native garden that attracts native bees and insects.

Native bees play an important role in the pollination of native plants. Some native flowers need vibration to release their pollen, a technique that introduced bees (such as honey bees) can’t do!

Some interesting facts about native Australian bees:

  • Native bees are mostly stingless, so they are safe to enjoy your garden with you.
  • There are over 200 species of native bees in the South West of Australia.
  • To attract more bees to your native garden, you can build or buy a bee hotel. Bee hotels give them a home in the garden.
  • Native bees love Verticordias. Any plants with a yellow, blue, pink or white flower.

Some examples include:

Yellow Feather Flower – Verticordia Chrysanthella 

Electric Blue Lechenaultia – Lechenaultia hybrid ‘Electric Blue’

Swan River Myrtle – Hypocalymma Robustum 

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