You are reading: Native Garden Makeover Series – Episode 7: Planting to attract native animals

Welcome to episode seven of our Native Garden Makeover Series. In this episode, Mick Davis explains the importance of choosing a diverse range of plants to ensure your native plants attract native animals and insects such as bees, lady beetles, quenda and birds.

One of the important benefits of and reasons for planting natives is that you can attract native animals and insects to your garden!

To ensure you are creating a garden that native fauna will love, plant a diverse range of native species. Not only will you provide a place for birds and insects to enjoy and feed, but you will also create a space that you and your family can enjoy too.

Some examples of plants to attract native birds and insects include:

Seaside Flame Pea – Chorizema Varium  – A rare plant that is native to Perth that will attract bees.

Barrens Lechenaultia – Lechenaultia Superba – A plant with red flowers that bees love.

BanksiasOnce established, Banksias will attract black cockatoos that enjoy the fruit from this plant.

For more on planting to attract native bees specifically, head to Native Garden Makeover episode six.

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