You are reading: Native Garden Makeover Series – Episode 8: Soil tips for native gardening

Welcome to episode eight of our Native Garden Makeover Series. In this episode, David Lullfitz explains the importance of selecting native plants that suit the type of soil in your garden.

The success of your garden starts from the ground (or roots) up, so it is really important to choose the right plants for the soil type and conditions in your garden.

Some things to think about to ensure you pick the most appropriate plants include whether you get salt winds or spray in your garden and whether you’ve got heavy clay soils or sandy soils.

As an example, a Glow Wattle – Acacia lasiocarpa Prostrate (pictured above) will withstand salt winds and limestone soil, but will also thrive in sandy soils as well, growing well in coastal gardens.

For more information on what plants are appropriate for your soil, you can use our website filters to filter plants by soil type (for example beach sand, clay or limestone) or get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

For native plants delivered to your door in the Perth metro area, browse our full range of native plants online here.

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