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Mums are amazing and that’s a fact. So what better way to celebrate them by not just giving them flowers, but giving them flowers that will last!

We get it, it can be risky choosing gifts for mum! Our easy guide on what plant to get your mum this mother’s day makes the whole process easier, so you can purchase away and know you’ve made a great choice!

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The plants you purchase need to match the size of your mums garden – you wouldn’t plant a big tree in a small courtyard after all! Below you can find our best plant recommendations for the size of the garden.

Balcony Mums 

These plants need to be suitable for pots and not a large growing plan. Remember though all of these need to have sunlight to really thrive so make sure they can be placed in a sunny position!

Anigozanthos hybrid Bush Pearl

Boronia crenulata Pink Passion

Dampiera linearis

Lechenaultia hybrid Lola





Courtyard Mums

Courtyards are the perfect place to create a peaceful space for mum. All of the plants below will do well in pots or in a small courtyard garden.

Anigozanthos hybrid Yellow Gem

Conostylis candicans

Olearia homolepis Sweet & Small

Patersonia occidentalis



Small Garden Mums 

Small gardens are a great place to plant taller growing shrubs and small trees. All of these plants will grow tall or will cover a larger area of ground, perfect for layering and contrasting mums garden!

Calothamnus quadrifidus Pencil PBR

Corymbia ficifolia GRAFTED Baby Orange

Hypocalymma angustifolium Coconut Ice

Thryptomene baeckeacea Kalbarri Cascade



Large Garden Mums 

Big gardens are where you can get more trees and larger growing shrubs in! All of the below are larger growing shrubs or medium trees that are well suited to larger gardens and will make a great feature plant in your mums garden!

Agonis flexuosa Lemon & Lime PBR

Corymbia ficifolia GRAFTED Red All Over

Eucalyptus macrocarpa subsp. elachantha

Hakea laurina








Mother’s day is the perfect day to show mum how much you love her and to break away from the usual gift giving. By giving her native plants you’re not only giving her flowers that will last but will give her a garden that she can enjoy for years to.


Still Unsure About What To Get? 

If your still unsure about what to get mum then our Nativ Gift Cards are a great choice!

It’s the perfect gift for mums who know exactly what they want and just need a reason to treat themselves. You can even buy the gift card today and schedule it to be send on mother’s day morning so they can wake up and be surprised!


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