Choosing which pot size to get is nearly as hard as picking the plant itself sometimes!

Here at Nativ by Plantrite we grow a wide range of pot sizes for our different varieties. Each are suited to a different purpose or if you need to achieve the look of an established native garden quickly.

Forestry Tubes

Forestry tubes are a great value option! They are an excellent choice for establishing a native garden, particularly if you need to buy a lot of plants at the same time. These are great if you don’t mind waiting a year for your garden to grow into itself – but aren’t recommended if you want your garden to look established. These pots are our smallest at 50mm across and 120mm deep. The height of the plant varies from between 5-15cm depending on the species. A lot of local species are grown in forestry tubes and you won’t find this size in your local garden centre.


68mm Pot

The smallest pot size we have is the 68mm pot. At 68mm wide and 95mm deep its similar to the forestry tube but we grow the more common varieties in this size. The size of the plant is similar to the forestry tube, ranging from 5-15cm. These pots are also not recommended if you want your garden to look established.

140mm Pot

The 140mm size is our most common pot size, as the plants in this size are larger and are a great way to achieve an established looking quickly. The pot size is 135mm wide and 140mm deep. The actual plant size is around 10-20cm, but this varies depending on the species. This size is great value and achieves results in your garden quickly!



175mm Pot

If you’re after more impact then the 175mm pot size is for you. The pots are 180mm wide and 175mm deep with the actual plant height varying from 15-30cm, but again this depends on the species. This is a great choice if you’re planting your garden before an event as the plants look more established and have more of an impact.


63 cell tray

The 63 cell tray is perfect for your landscape projects! One tray holds 63 individual plants of the same type with the average height of the plant varies from 5-10cm depending on the species.
Each plant is in an individual cell, 40mm wide and 90mm deep. The plants can be easily extracted for planting, making it a great value solution if you need to plant out a large area. These smaller plants can be trickier to establish as they can dry out easily and need to be well watered after planting until they are established. The best time to plant these would be in autumn or winter.
Please note that plants supplied in this container have to be ordered in multiples of 6. We cannot mix and match different species within the same tray.


14L Pot

You’re no longer looking at shrubs! The 14L pot is the start of our more established range, this size is mainly available for our Eucalyptus species. This size is great if you’re wanting to plant a more established tree in your garden as they are big enough to be noticed while still being easy to lift and plant.


18L Pot

Trees in this container have reached their 1st birthday! This size is most used for our younger flowering gums (Corymbia ficifolia) which are a bit easier to plant then their older siblings.


30L Pot

Now you’re getting serious – these plants are our most advanced stock and are supplied in our 30L pots which have two handles to make lifting easy. Planting this plant is defiantly a two person job so make sure you have the muscle power ready when it arrives!


If you’re still unsure about which pot size to choose feel free to contact us.

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